Vintage House Decor

Where can I buy vintage house decor?

Here at CJM Furniture, we sell all kinds of furniture in vintage style, a few listed below:

  • Vintage chairs
  • Vintage tables
  • Vintage units and dressers
  • Vintage lighting
  • Vintage artwork and unique items like radios, frames etc.

How can I decorate my home vintage style?

Come and take a look around our furniture warehouse, with many vintage style (some vintage, some new!) pieces of furniture to choose from. If you find one item that speaks to you, say a vintage wooden chair from CJM, you can then design your whole room around this item.

Having a starting point like this is half the battle. Look for accents to go with your furniture, like some 1950’s style posters/artwork for the walls, perhaps some vintage cameras on display or an old record player. At CJM furniture we have vintage furniture and also bric-a-brac so you can browse through our offerings and find unique items to fit your vintage themed room perfectly.

As always get in touch with us or better still, call into our furniture warehouse to see our vintage styled offerings and we will be happy to help you with your interior design project!

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Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide delivery

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