Back to School Supplies 2024

Back to School Supplies 2024

Why choose CJM Furniture for your back to school supplies 2024? See our reasons below:

  • 100% Irish
  • Supporting local business
  • Sustainable high quality second hand furniture stock

Check out our back to school products and furniture below for your student or studies in Ireland, be sure to contact us if you have any queries! All prices include 23% VAT. While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.


Brand new and second hand magnetic wall mounted whiteboards. Available in multiple sizes. Second hand prices starting from €50. Brand new prices starting from €80. Transform your home office or classroom with our high-quality magnetic wall mounted whiteboards! Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

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Second hand prices starting from €145. Brand new prices starting from €222. A selection of second hand and new bookcases available in store in a variety of finishes. Choose from a wide range to match your home decor. Find the perfect bookcase to fit your space and style!

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6x3 storage unit

Second hand prices starting from €190, brand new prices starting from €313.65. New & used 6x3 Storage units available in grey and blue with shelves. Choose from a selection of high-quality storage units designed for durability and functionality.

Visit new 6x3 storage unit.

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Personal lockers

Second hand prices starting from €75, new prices starting from €239.85. Upgrade your storage solutions with a variety of personal lockers available in different door configurations. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 door personal lockers available.

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Swivel chairs

Prices starting from €25. Hundreds of liquidated, second hand and new office chairs available online and in store. Choose from a wide selection of high-quality office chairs at affordable prices.

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Prices starting from €85. Study Desks available 800 X 600. Chrome Legs for easy storage. Add a Riff swivel chair for €14.99. Consider adding a matching bookshelf to complete your study setup!

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Contact us

If you have any queries or require assistance please just contact us and we are happy to help with all your back to school requirements!

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