Buying secondhand furniture helps the environment

Buying secondhand furniture helps the environment

There are so many benefits to buying used furniture, not least of which is of course, your pocket! But think about the effect on the environment. The idea behind a circular economy is to stop waste going to landfill, and instead to recycle and reuse where possible. This is great for the environment by reducing waste going to landfill, but it also reduces the environmental impact involved in manufacturing furniture. Purchasing used furniture for your home or office, is arguably the most eco-friendly way you can decorate and finish your interior design.

Mid-century, traditional, modern furniture

At CJM Furniture we often stock beautiful original solid wood vintage pieces, they have stood the test of time and we have so many styles, from mid-century to traditional to modern, that we feel sure if you pop in for a look, you’ll find it difficult to leave without having found the perfect furniture for your home.


A lot of our customers upcycle their furniture, and with so much great information on the internet on how to revive used furniture and do minor alterations to suit your needs, you will end up with a totally unique piece that perfectly suits your space.

Commercial offices

More and more commercial businesses are looking towards sustainability as it applies across all of their business activities. Why not start with your office furniture? We have helped many businesses furnish their commercial office buildings, this reduces their impact on the environment and it’s also cost effective, win win!

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