Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable Furniture Design

In Ireland and all over the world, environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important to people. The choice to furnish your home or office with used furniture is not only a wise decision in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness, but it’s also a powerful step towards sustainable living. At CJM Furniture, we believe in the significance of purchasing pre-loved pieces, and in this article, we'll discuss the many benefits of choosing used furniture for your home.. home office, or ‘office office’! And don’t forget, we can kit out your large-scale commercial project too.

Less waste to landfill

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for used furniture is its positive impact on the environment. By choosing second-hand furniture, you are contributing to the reduction of waste and the conservation of raw materials. The furniture industry is known for its carbon footprint, and every time a furniture item is discarded it contributes to the problem of landfill waste. Choosing used furniture minimises this impact, giving existing items a new lease on life. If we can prevent as many items going to landfill as possible, we are contributing to the circular economy which we will also discuss as a benefit below in more detail. Zero waste to landfill is always the aspirational aim!

Save raw materials

Manufacturing new furniture requires a substantial amount of raw materials, including timber, metals, plastics and any other chemicals needed. This contributes to deforestation and can release pollutants into the environment during the manufacturing process of new furniture. Opting for used furniture helps in preserving these valuable natural resources and in making air cleaner. By extending the lifespan of existing great quality used furniture, you are effectively reducing the demand for new materials and the environmental toll associated with new furniture manufacturing. More trees, less chemicals, cleaner air!

Budget friendly

Ok, this point might not exactly be about environmental sustainability but more about your budget sustainability! Choosing used over new furniture also presents economic benefits. Pre-owned pieces are often available at a fraction of the cost of new ones, allowing you to furnish your home with the quality and design you need, on budget, in fact you might even get an absolute bargain! At CJM Furniture, we make sure our used furniture is of the highest quality. Many of our items are solid wood, we stock antique items, we have lighting, mirrors, all kinds of decor on top of furniture. We only take the best furniture, so that we can supply the best furniture.

Circular economy

The concept of a circular economy revolves around minimising waste, remember we mentioned zero waste to landfill, and maximising the life cycle of items you use. By choosing used furniture, you actively participate in creating the circular economy. Even if you’re selling furniture, contact us too! We can be involved at all stages to help you participate in the circular economy whether you’re buying, or selling.

Quality and longevity

Many used furniture items are crafted with a level of care, quality and durability that could be missing in mass-produced, newer pieces. After all, if your solid wood wardrobe with intricate carved details has lasted 40 years there’s no reason for it not to last 40 more! The carpentry skills on display for select items of used furniture are beautiful and ensure a long life span. These furniture items were made to last a lifetime, and more. 

Unique vintage furniture

I’m sure as a used furniture aficionado you have come across upcycling. We love that upcyclers have been able to use the power of the internet to share their expertise with others. Upcycling great quality furniture can modernise these pieces that are so deserving of a second life being great quality, unique and full of character. By upcycling you can bring out the original beauty of a furniture item, or you can give it a totally new look to suit your home. When it comes to vintage furniture, you have to visit our warehouse to see what we have today. We have one-off vintage pieces of furniture and home decor items that are so unique and could be that one piece of furniture you need to add personality and interest to your home, office or even hotel!


We hope we explained the benefits to the environment of purchasing used furniture for your home, office, hotel or bar. No matter what your requirements are, CJM Furniture is here to help. Used, second-hand furniture is such an asset to your building, it contributes to creating the circular economy and it helps you to stay on budget with the highest quality. All you need is a great local supplier to help you on your way, and at CJM Furniture in Cork we are always here to assist you.