5 Steps to upcycle furniture

1. Use your imagination!

An upcycled piece of furniture doesn’t necessarily need to be used as it’s original purpose. Re-purpose it! Old drawers can be wall mounted to provide shelving, bedroom lockers can be re-fashioned out of small side tables with storage on castors underneath.

2. Cleaning

No point running a lick of paint over a filthy item and destroying your equipment. Use rags to clean down old furniture, if you see stains, sometimes white spirits or turpentine can remove these stains without sanding.

3. Sanding

Sanding is dusty work, make sure to wear a mask. An electric sander is so useful, there are small electric sanders available that are fantastic for small items.

4. Painting

Don’t forget a primer! Especially with old wood, wood tends to dry out and when it does it drinks in that first coat of paint. A good primer makes sure that when your paint goes on, it stays at the surface like it should and gives a vibrant colour.

5. Use CJM Furniture!

Check out our recent furniture below that would make a fantastic upcycling project. Don’t forget those before and after photos, and be sure to send us on any of your projects we would love to see them.

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