What Is the Purpose of Furniture?

What Is the Purpose of Furniture?

Furniture plays a crucial role in our lives, providing both functionality and style to our living spaces. Whether it’s a cozy armchair, a sturdy dining table, or a sleek coffee table, furniture serves various purposes. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of furniture and delve into specific aspects related to its purpose.

Why Is a Dining Table Important?

A dining table is more than just a piece of furniture, it’s a gathering place for family and friends. It's a place to do homework, put out a laptop and get that paperwork done with a cup of tea or even shoot some content for social media if you were so inclined!

Here are some reasons why a good dining table is so essential:
Eating together - The dining table is where we come together to share meals. It’s a space for conversations, laughter, and bonding, even if it is over that spilled drink! Whether it’s a casual breakfast or a festive dinner, memories are made at the dining table.
Family Time - Sitting around the dining table allows families to spend quality time together. It’s a chance to catch up on each other’s lives, discuss daily events or have a debate about world events, anything goes at the dining table where everyone can express themselves.
Formal Occasions - When hosting guests or celebrating special occasions, the dining table becomes the centerpiece. It sets the tone for elegant dinners, celebrations, and holiday feasts. You can have a lot of fun decorating your table and there are so many sustainable ideas for decorations now too, impress family and friends without having to have a big budget. Pinterest is a great place to get table decoration ideas from.

Why Do People Use Wood for Furniture?

Wood has been a popular choice for furniture for centuries. Here’s why:
Natural Beauty - Wood exudes warmth and natural beauty. Its grain patterns, colors, and textures vary, making each piece unique. Whether it’s oak, cherry, or walnut, wood adds character to any room. At CJM Furniture we always have beautiful wooden furniture in stock at a great price.
Durability - Well-crafted wooden furniture can last for generations. Hardwoods like oak and teak are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.
Versatility - Wood can be carved, shaped, and crafted into various designs. From rustic farmhouse tables to sleek modern chairs, wood adapts to different styles.
Sustainability - It doesn't get more sustainable than keeping those high quality wooden furniture pieces in circulation by purchasing pre-loved wood furniture from CJM.

Our range of wooden furniture is huge, do call into our warehouse to see what we have today!

Furniture for Your Living Room

Below we have listed the essential furniture items you need for your living room. But also feel free to be creative! A hanging chair, a beanbag, your home is your own so don't feel you have to follow the 'done thing' either.

1. Sofa or Couch: A comfortable sofa or couch is the centerpiece of any living room. It’s where you’ll unwind, watch movies, and host guests. Look for quality upholstery and a design that complements your style.
2. Love Seat: If space allows, add a love seat / double width armchair. It provides extra seating without taking up the space of two armchairs, and creates an intimate nook for conversations. Cozy!
3. Armchair: An armchair adds versatility. Use them for reading, relaxing, or as additional seating when entertaining. Carefully placed armchairs in a sun room or den can easily be moved into a living room if hosting guests.
4. Coffee Table: A coffee table serves as a functional surface for drinks, snacks, and decorative items. Choose one that suits your taste and complements the overall design. Sometimes a coffee table might not suit a room depending on the size and space, consider side tables as smaller perches for tea/coffee/drinks instead.
5. TV Stand or Entertainment Center: Organize your media equipment with a TV stand or entertainment center. Look for options with storage to keep clutter at bay. Drawers are always good, or open spaces that can fit tubs and gaming consoles that may need air inflow to stay cool.
6. Rug: A well-chosen rug ties the room together. It adds warmth, texture, and defines the seating area. Think about the size of rug that would suit your space.
7. Lighting Fixtures: Consider floor lamps, table lamps, and pendant lights. Proper lighting enhances the ambiance and functionality of your living room. A mix of lights gives options for when full light is needed, or to have accent lighting in a more soothing style.
8. Accent Chairs: If you have space, accent chairs provide extra seating and style. Mix and match different designs for visual interest. You could have a lot of fun with accent chairs too as they stand alone they don't need to tie in with other furniture, you could pick a stand out piece in a vibrant colour.
9. Ottoman: An ottoman serves as a footrest, extra seat, or even a makeshift coffee table. Opt for one with hidden storage for blankets or magazines.
10. Bookshelves or Display Cabinets: Showcase your favorite books, art, or collectibles with bookshelves or display cabinets. They add personality to the room. At CJM Furniture we sell display cabinets with personality and practicality, just pop in for a look or see our house furniture page to buy online!


We hope this guide helped you as to the purpose of furniture but in particular the importance of a dining table, and what items you need for your living room. Of course we don't just provide furniture for your dining room and living room, we have furniture to suit your office, bedroom and even outdoor room and garden! Do contact us with any inquiries and we are happy to help you with your requests.

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